PROSPECTUS ON Chiu-Cheng Elementary School

From 2004.01 Visitors are 

We study in Chiu-Cheng Elementary School.  It’s almost 100 years old and it has a long history.  Chiu-Cheng Elementary School is situat ed alongside the Lotus Lake.  The famous scenic site such as the Spring-Autumn Pavilion and the Confucius Temple are nearby. It’s a beautiful and wondrous place.  The architecture of our school was designed in accordance with its historical background and surrounding geography. After years of numerous reconstruction and restore, our school is now a Chinese style four story high building that serve as the new educational model of Kaohsiung  city.


As we walk through the spacious school gate, we will see the cool crescent moon pond and the classic fidelity pavilion, which form a beautiful coordination.  When we walk through the decorated hallway, we will see the spiritual foundation of our school, the heaven reaching banyan and the ancient Confucius Temple and the verdant garden.  The children playground, which is full with equipments, will show up next, which is always our merry corner.  The PU runway for running competition and sport court standing right next to the children playground.  The colorful flowers and breezing tree are planted everywhere, which form a brisk and excellent learning environment for the students.


Our school also provides the most user-friendly computer room, which is equipped with the soothing air conditioning and the latest learning software and computer games.  Every student that enters the computer room will surely wish the session ending bell will never struck.


Our library, which is the source of our wisdom, is stuffed with various categories of book and encyclopedia.  Our library is well ventilated and has abundant natural sunlight for us to emerge into the comfort of books.  Our school also has a grand Audio and Visual Room equipped with stereo and huge projection screen. Not only can we use slice to aid our learning, but we also can hold an KTV party for students, teachers and parents.  The Science lab is full with complete experimental equipment, when under the animated teaching of our teachers will surely incite our interest in science.


Any way, Chiu-Cheng Elementary School is unique and special.  The school is full with serious teachers and eager learning students.  I hope Chiu-Cheng Elementary School will keep its unique characteristics and its renowned fame forever.